Welcome to the Vibe Recording Studio!

Vibe Studio was created for one simple reason: to give clients an outlet to have their projects recorded professionally, without going broke in the process.

Vibe Studio offers all the tools you'll need to make your sound happen and give your next recording a professional edge. There's a long list of tools that a large professional recording facility offers. Although Vibe Studio is not a large recording complex, those same important tools are utilized. Here you'll enjoy a 24-track digital recording facility, complete with vocal booth, live tracking room, and a dedicated control room. Quality gear such as Avalon and Digimax preamps, a full array of electronic drums by Hart Dynamics and Roland, and top of the line Shure microphones are just some of the hardware available to you. Couple that with a state of the art Akai digital console and software editing, and you'll find your needs not only fully serviced, but also exceptionally productive in a short amount of time. That is where you as the client can realize a large savings in your recording budget.

So, whether you're a singer/songwriter, karaoke singer, jazz band, rock band, or a voiceover professional, your vision and your sound will be captured to perfection at Vibe Studio. My motto is, "It's not done until it's perfect." All this and one thing more: The Vibe!

Dan Mullins

Welcome to vibestudio.net: home of Vibe Recording Studio. This site will give you a glimpse at what Vibe Recording Studio has to offer to you.

Vibe Recording Studio is owned and operated by Dan Mullins.


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