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Akai 24-track Digital Recorder
Alesis Master Link
Korg D1600 16 track hard disk recorder
Sony MDM 4 track x2
Sony Stereo Mini Disk Recorder
Tascam 122 MK 2 Cassette Recorder
TEAC Consumer External CD Burner
Computer Interfaces
Nuendo 96/52 DSP ADAT Sound Card
Waves Diamond Bundle plugins
Ak.sys Akai DPS 24 Computer Monitoring/Editing Software
Sound Forge 8.0 Wav Editor
CD Architect 5.0
Vegas Multi Track Audio
NERO CD Burning Software
Antares Auto-Tune 3
ACID 4.0
Sound Monitor
Behringer Truth B201 Active Monitors
Boston Computer Speakers w/ Sub Woofer
Behringer Powerplay Pro Headphone Amp
Sony MDR-V600 Studio Headphones
Koss Studio Headphones
External DSP Sound Shaping
UAD-1, Includes:
Realverb Pro
Pultec EQ
Nigel Guitar Processor
CS-1 Channel Strip
Pre Amps
Avalon 737sp
PreSonus Digimax LT x2
Avalon U5 x2
Studio Project VTB-1
DBX Vocal Pro
Fender Cyber Twin Digital Amplifier
Korg Trinity Piano Sequencer
Charvel American Made Strat Guitar
Casio Guitar Synth Strat
Gibson 345 Guitar
Ovation Acoustic Guitar
Fender FM-52E Acoustic-Electric Mandolin
Carter 10 String Steel Pedal Guitar
Regal RD-35 Dobro Slide Guitar
Hart 5.3 Full E. Drum Kit w/ Roland TD-10ex Drum Trigger Module
Various Percussion Instruments
Shure KSM-27 Condenser Microphone
Shure SM57 x2
Shure SM7 B
Shure KSM109 x3
EV 451-B Dynamic Microphone

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